Current Undergraduate Students

        Emma McCormack

        Micaela Schlichenmeyer

        Lydia Curdts

        Elizabeth Steen

        Alexis Madormo

        Emma Klobnak

        Tristan Peronard


Former Undergraduate Students

        Brooke Bailey

        Tara Kini

        Michelle Sheena

        Ivanka Reksono

        Olivia Riccio

        Amir Amado-Feeley

        Carly Regal

        Louis Bodkin

        Claire Alexander

        Brittany DeVries

        Madeleine Schwartz

        Claire Burns

        Lily Rabinow

        Ashlei Peterson


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Dr. Lockman's Infant and Toddler Development Project is looking for motivated and enthusiastic undergraduates interested in a research position. This is a great opportunity for students looking to gain valuable research experience for graduate school or to expand their knowledge in the fields of infant and child cognition. Each Research Assistant will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the daily operations of a psychology lab through working with infants and children, subject recruitment, data coding and analysis, and much more. This position is open to any undergraduate, regardless of major, interested in cognitive development research.

To apply, please send your resume and the Undergraduate Research Assistant Application to with the subject line: Research Assistant Position.